Primary Skeletal Muscle Cells

Here you can find skeletal muscle cells, satellite cells and myoblasts. You can also find medium to grow the cells as well as RNA, DNA and protein derived from these cells.

Skeletal muscle cells are one of the largest cells in the body. They are multinucleate formed by the fusion of myoblasts. Skeletal muscle regeneration is a complex process in which many factors are involved. When skeletal muscle suffers an injury, quiescent resident myoblasts called satellite cells are activated to proliferate, migrate, and finally differentiate.

The satellite cells, comprising around 1% of the total muscle nuclei, are situated between the plasma membrane of the multinucleated muscle cells and the basal lamina that surrounds each myofiber.In adult muscle, satellite cells are quiescent but proliferate in response to muscle injury, producing myoblasts that can either form new satellite cells or fuse with one another or pre-existing multinucleated muscle cells to help repair the muscle.

Myoblasts are mononuclear myogenic precursor cells that by proliferatiion regenerates skeletal muscle. During their proliferation they will ultimately fuse and become incorporated into multinucleated myotubes, which later mature into myofibres. This process occurs during the embryonic histogenesis of muscle and in postnatal muscle regenerating in response to injury, or in myopathies such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy.