Human Peripheral Blood CD4 T Cells
Human Peripheral Blood CD4 T CellsCryopreserved Human T Lymphocytes
Human PBMC
Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, PBMCs, Single DonorCryopreserved PBMCs, MNCs Ultra-pure grade
Frozen Human Peripheral Blood Pan-T Cells
Ready-to-use 3D Human Cortical Spheroids
FastRead 102
FastRead 102Disposable Cell Counting Slide

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We are a leading global supplier of more than 260 different types of primary human and animal cell-based products for life science research, drug development, screening of chemicals and biomaterials development.

Accelerating drug discovery

We offer a variety of 'ready-to-use' high-value primary human cells, animal cells, RNA, DNA, cell culture media and cell-based assays

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We serve the research community, the biotech sector and the pharmaceutical industry. We help scientists be more productive, more competitive and more innovative.