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We are a leading global supplier of more than 260 different types of primary human and animal cell-based products for life science research, drug development, screening of chemicals and biomaterials development.

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We offer a variety of 'ready-to-use' high-value primary human cells, animal cells, RNA, DNA, cell culture media and cell-based assays

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We serve the research community, the biotech sector and the pharmaceutical industry. We help scientists be more productive, more competitive and more innovative.

Human PBMC
Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, PBMCs, Single DonorCryopreserved PBMCs, MNCs Ultra-pure grade
Human Peripheral Blood B Lymphocytes
Human Peripheral Blood B LymphocytesCryopreserved Human CD19 positive B cells, B lymphocytes, PB-B cells
Colorimetric Nitric Oxide Assay
Normal Human Serum, single donorFresh Frozen Human Serum