Colorimetric Nitric Oxide Assay
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Colorimetric Nitric Oxide Assay

Cell based assay

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Unit size: 1 kit (250 tests)

Nitric Oxide(NO), produced endogenously from L-Arginine by nitric oxide synthetases, plays an important role in many physiological processes including vascular regulation, immune responses, and neural communication. NO is extremely unstable and undergoes repaid oxidative degradation to nitrite (NO2-) and nitrate (NO3-), which can be spectrophotometrically determined.ScienCell’s Nitric Oxide Assay kit provides an accurate measurement of NO levelin a simple two-step process: the reduction ofnitrate to nitrite by vanadium (III) chloride, followed by quantification of nitrite by Griess reaction.(SC8098) (SC8098)
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