Human Oral Keratinocytes
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Human Oral KeratinocytesHuman Oral KeratinocytesHuman Oral KeratinocytesSC2610

Human Oral Keratinocytes

Human Primary Cells

Oral keratinocytes act as the major barrier to physical, microbial, and chemical agents that may cause local cell injury. They are involved in the proinflammatory process through the production of cytokines either constitutively or after a variety of stimuli, implying that they may potentially participate in controlling oral infections through an inflammatory process involving different interleukins, such as IL-1ß and IL-18. Oral keratinocytes express a variety of differentiation markers, the expression of which is influenced by calcium-induced changes in the transcription of target genes. Oral keratinocytes share major structural and functional features with the well-characterized dermal keratinocyte and provide a good model to study basic keratinocyte biology as well as processes of immortalization and malignant transformation. (SC2610)
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