Human Middle Ear Fibroblasts
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Human Middle Ear FibroblastsHuman Middle Ear FibroblastsHuman Middle Ear Fibroblasts

Human Middle Ear Fibroblasts

Primary human cells

The middle ear is composed of three auditory ossicles (incus, malleus, and stapes), the tympanic membrane, and the Eustachian tube. The middle ear functions to transfer acoustic energy from the tympanic membrane to the cochlea. Middle Ear Fibroblasts (MEF), which are located in the middle ear, are mesenchymal cells derived from the embryonic mesoderm [1]. In general, fibroblasts are responsible for extracellular matrix synthesis in connective tissue and play major roles in wound healing [1]. Studies indicate that human MEF may also contribute to pathogenesis of cholesteatoma, or abnormal skin growth in the middle ear, by producing inflammatory factors that result in epithelial cell proliferation [2, 3]. Human MEF (HMEF) are a useful model to elucidate the role of fibroblasts in the development of middle ear cholesteatoma. (SC2470)
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