Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells, Passage 1
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Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells, Passage 1Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells, Passage 1SC6590

Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells, Passage 1

Cryopreserved Primary Cells, Single Donor

Trabecular meshwork is located around the circumference of the root of the iris and has a slit opening into the Schlemm’s canal that drains aqueous to venous vessels. Trabecular meshwork cells (TMC) play an active role in the aqueous humor outflow and this pathway is intraocular pressure-dependent. Injury or death of TMC, therefore, has been associated with the pathogenesis of open-angle glaucoma. TMC further express receptors for neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, and respond to very low concentrations of a variety of vasoactive peptides and growth factors, allowing these cells to regulate the permeability of trabecular meshwork at multiple levels. TMC cultures provides an invaluable tool to study the functional control of trabecular meshwork, encouraging the development of more efficient strategies to treat glaucoma. (SC6590)
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