Human Perineurial Cells, Passage 1
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Human Perineurial Cells, Passage 1Human Perineurial Cells, Passage 1SC1710

Human Perineurial Cells, Passage 1

Cryopreserved Brain Primary Cells, Vimentin, S-100, GFAP, CD90, Single Donor

Catalog number: SC1710

Unit size: 500 000 cells per vial

The perineurial cells (PNC) are characterized by their distinct ultrastructural features. PNC are initially recruited from the surrounding mesenchyme to form a loose and permeable sheath around axons and Schwann cells where they are separated by the extracellular matrix.

Human perineurial cells (HPNC) are isolated from human spinal nerve and are cryopreserved at passage 1.
Article number:SC1710
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