Human Testicular Endothelial Cells, Passage 1
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Human Testicular Endothelial Cells, Passage 1

Cryopreserved Primary Cells, Single Donor

Testicular Endothelial Cells (TEC), located in the mesonephros, migrate in the developing embryo from the mesonephros to form the testis vasculature during the process of testis cord formation. The migrating endothelial cells are also essential because they initiate cord formation by creating partitions for the Sertoli and Germ cells. Recent studies have shown that disrupting testis vascular development blocks testis cord formation and thereby prevents proper structural development of the testis. In addition, studies suggest that testicular endothelial cells have similar properties to brain endothelial cells and contribute to the establishment of the blood-testis barrier (BTB). Cultured Human TEC (HTEC) are a useful in vitro model to understand vascular defects in testis dysgenesis and may provide new insight for treatment of male reproductive disorders. (SC4500)
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