Human Epidermal Melanocytes-adult
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Human Epidermal Melanocytes-adultHuman Epidermal Melanocytes-adultHuman Epidermal Melanocytes-adultHuman Epidermal Melanocytes-adult

Human Epidermal Melanocytes-adult

Human Primary Cells

Melanocytes are neural crest-derived cells that produce melanin via melanogenesis. Melanocytes localize to several tissues including the epidermis, eye, inner ear and leptomeninges. Dysregulation of melanocyte migration, proliferation, or survival during embryonic development thus causes congenital disorders in those tissues as seen in Tietz syndrome, Waardenburg syndrome, and piebaldism. In the bottom layer of skin epidermis, melanocytes synthesize and transfer dark-colored melanin to surrounding keratinocytes to give skin pigmentation. Melanin also blocks UV-B light to protect the hypodermis from solar exposure-induced photodamage. Progress in culture techniques, along with an improved understanding of melanocyte biology, has led to a successful culture system to model melanomas, inner ear homeostasis, vitiligo, and mitochondrial dysfunction in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. (SC2230)
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