Hemocytometer, 1 Plate 79mm x 39mm x 13mm
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Hemocytometer, 1 Plate 79mm x 39mm x 13mm

Hemacytometer is used in counting human blood cells under microscope. It is commonly used in cell processing when accurate cell numbers are needed (flow cytometry). The cell growth and the number of bacteria, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms can also be determined using hemacytometer in cell culture. Molded from a single piece of thermal and shock-resistant glass, the hemacytometer has an H-shaped moat forms two counting chambers, each is engraved with a grid of 400 squares. With the cover glass, the ruled chamber is 0.1mm in height, limiting the volume of blood or fluid over 1 mm2 at exactly 0.1 mm3 and over each of 400 squares to 0.00025 mm3. This product includes 2 pieces of the hemocytometer cover glass.

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