Rabbit Astrocytes
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Rabbit AstrocytesRabbit AstrocytesRabbit Astrocytes

Rabbit Astrocytes

Rabbit Primary Cells

Astrocytes are the most abundant cell type in the central nervous system (CNS) and they provide a variety of vital functions for the CNS including: establishment and regulation of the blood brain barrier, functional support for neuronal transmission, survival of neurons, anti-inflammatory responses and wound repair. Astrocytes have also been implicated in various pathological processes such as reactive gliosis. Impairment of normal astrocyte functions during stroke and other insults can critically influence neuron survival. Long-term recovery after brain injury, through neurite outgrowth, synaptic plasticity, or neuron regeneration, is also influenced by astrocyte surface molecule expression and trophic factor release. Numerous studies have demonstrated that astrocytes are among the most functionally diverse group of cells in the CNS. Rabbit astrocytes (RabA) are a useful in vitro model for studying glial function and the molecular mechanisms of CNS diseases such as ischemic stroke and multiple sclerosis. (Catalog number: SCRab1800)
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