Cryopreserved Mouse Hepatocytes -Suspension grade.
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Cryopreserved Mouse Hepatocytes -Suspension grade. Cryopreserved Mouse Hepatocytes -Suspension grade.

Cryopreserved Mouse Hepatocytes -Suspension grade.

Pooled Male CD1 mouse Hepatocytes

Key advantages of hepatocytes produced at Biopredic International:
1. A regular supply of fresh human and animal primary hepatocytes, i.e. 2 isolations per week from multiple species (rat, mouse, dog and monkey).
2. A wide range of fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes, offering flexible choices.
3. Larger batch sizes of cryopreserved hepatocytes and the possibility to scale up (i.e. pooled donors).
4. Pre-qualified cryopreserved human and animal hepatocytes allowing in vitro protocols to meet your specific application requirements.
5. Full characterization data available for each product lot, including Phase I /II drug-metabolizing enzyme activities.
6. A professional storage and delivery of fresh plated hepatocytes with Biopredic’s patent-pending Sealovac™ Packaging Technology (guaranteed for a maximum of 3 days).
7. A complete Certificate of Analysis available for all products, including donor information, quality control values and specifications, as well as serological and sterility results
8. Custom preparations according to your specifications.

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Unit size: 5 million cells per vial

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