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Our mission is to help scientists be more productive, more competitive and more innovative
3H Biomedical is an innovative Swedish life-science company that develops, manufactures and distributes human and animal cell-based products for life-science research, drug and biomaterials development, and chemical screening.
Serving the global research community, biotech sector and pharmaceutical industry, we supply more than 150 different types of primary human cells and cell culture media.
3H Biomedical also provides contract R&D services in bioassays, pharmacology and toxicology for screening new drug candidates, compounds, biomaterials and chemicals. We are a trusted outsourcing partner for international pharmaceutical companies as well as dynamic biotechnology ventures. We take pride in helping to improve human health and the environment.

Donor consent
All human biological materials are ethically obtained with documented, informed consent from anonymous donors.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

ISOkine Endotoxin-free Cytokines and Growth Factors

ISOkine cytokines and growth factors are produced in plants and are therefore free of bacterial endotoxins and other undesirable components derived from animal or human cells.

The plants do not contain any pathogens or other components known to be harmful for human or animal stem cells. The plant components are safe and inert. Bioassay analysis and years of successful application in stem cell research verify this further.

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